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Original Articles


B. Orrù C. Riccioni A. Praticò R. Villa C. Perrone V. Cattaneo C. Angelinetta and F.

Bianchi. Effects of a topical treatment with a dermo-cosmetic gel cream based on bromelain plus Mediterranean ingredients alone and in combination with the oral intake of a bromelain-based food supplement in women with edema and localized fat mass (5/18)




A. Turkevych, D. Turkevych. Influence of calcium hydroxylapatite on the soft tissues – a critical viewpoint (19/27)


Case reports


D. Agosta, C. Ferreli, J. Anedda, S. Mertoli and L. Atzori. Figurate eczema of the forearm in a hairdresser (28/34)


E. Vescovi, S. Leonardi, S. Vannuccini, S. Giorgi, G. Rampino and P.A. Bacci. Eva Endosphères Therapy: a non invasive treatment for face aging (35/53)


Comparative and Retrospective Studies


R.G. Bellomo, R. Buda, A. Porreca, E. Virgili, G. Postacchini, P.A. Bacci, R. Saggini and C. Barbato. Treatment of lymphedema, two methods compared: Ketogenic diet and Endospheres, Ketogenic diet and Vodder lymphatic drainage (54/68)


P.A. Bacci and R. Saggini. Compressive microvibration with “Endosphères Therapy” (69/90)

Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 40 iss. 1 (Jan-Jun, 2022)

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