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Supplements in Dermatology. Part II

Supplements in Dermatology. Part II
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Ayşe Serap Karadağ


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Torello Lotti


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Ümit Tursen



Today, interest and curiosity in herbal and natural treatments are increasing and patients want to be treated with natural methods for their diseases. There is a lot of interest in this subject for skin diseases.
It is claimed that many plants and natural ingredients have therapeutic effects for skin diseases. Some of them have scientifically proven data.
In this 2nd book we prepared about supplements, we tried to gather scientific data about natural supplements and ingredients. The plants that are claimed to be effective for skin diseases in phytotherapy were compiled according to the diseases. Plants with therapeutic effects for viruses and cancer were examined. Sunscreen dietary recommendations were written. In addition, scientific literature on the therapeutic properties of miraculous foods that we interact with in daily life was searched. Care was taken to include information about daily practice in our book. I hope it will be useful and be a light for future studies.In this book, therefore, you will have an opportunity to read about the role of supplements in skin diseases, a subject, which has been covered to a greater or lesser degree in the literature, but has not, as such, received consistent attention to date. As a result, we have tried to show whether supplements indeed merit a place in the treatment spectrum when subject to closer scientific scrutiny. In the course of your reading, you may find some of the results surprising, and look to draw on them in due course in your daily routine. We hope this second book will prove to be a useful work.

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