Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 36 iss. 1 (Jan-Jun 2018) 




2. Skin necrosis after tattoo removal.

S. Sanna, C. Ferreli, S. S. Mertoli, M.A. Brundu and L. Atzori 

8. Acrylates nails sensitization.

V. Piras, C. Ferreli, M. Zucca, L. Atzori 

14. Infliximab-induced eruptive sebaceous hyperplasia in patient treated for ulcerative Colitis:  first reported case.

E. Martina1, F. Diotallevi1, A. Campanati1, I. Bobyr1, C. Cantisani2 and A. Offidani1 

18. Cosmetic oncology: innocent mole or malignant melanoma? Subjective assessments,  objective semiology and aided diagnosis. 

M. Burroni1, U. Wollina2, F. Arcangeli3, R. Schwartz4, R. Sadoughifar5 and T. Lotti6 

26. Opinions, perceptions and misconceptions about acne vulgaris: A cross sectional, survey based study among young adult patients.

Dr Parag Chaudhari1, Dr Nidhi Shah2 and Dr Anant Patil3

Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 36 iss. 1 (Jan-Jun 2018)

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