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Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 36 iss. 2 (Jul-Dec 2018)




40. Asymptomatic pigmentation of the skin in a child: baby wipes, once again.

E. Martina1, F. Diotallevi1, G. Radi1, A. Campanati1, O. Simonetti1, I. Bobyr1, C. Cantisani2, 

F. Borgia3 and A. Offidani1 

44. Topical application of fumaric acid esters improves appearance of nail psoriasis.

A. Campanati1*, B.Marconi1*, I. Bobyr1*, C. Cantisani2, M. Giannoni1, E. Martina1, G. Radi1, F. Diotallevi1, E. Molinelli1, V. Brisigotti1, and A.Offidani1

52. A case of primary essential Cutis verticis gyrata.

C. Cantisani1, Y.K. Sharma2, S. Sitaniya2, K. Ravi Rao1, D. Subramani2, B. Chothani2 and A. Gupta2 

56. The Trichopigmentation, a quick and innovative solution for the women’s hair loss.

E. Belfiore 

64. Clinical, dermoscopic and histopathological findings in a case of Favre Racouchot syndrome.

Y.K. Sharma1, B. Iqbal2, K.R. Rao1, S. Sitaniya1, B. Chothani1, C. Cantisani3, A. Gupta1 

69. Hyperhidrosis - state of the art focusing on the medical cosmetology practice.

J. Sazanów-Lubelski1, B.S. Bergler-Czop1, P. Barasiska2, N. Noga3, C. Cantisani4, K. Strzelczyk1 

81. Topical foam medications in dermatology.

B. Ünlü and Ü. Türsen

Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 36 iss. 2 (Jul-Dec 2018)

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