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Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 38 iss. 2 (Jul-Dec 2020)


2. Lasers for the treatment of rosacea.
M. Radojevic and J. Stojkovic-Filipovic
8. Non-surgical abdominal fat reduction procedure, with the use of a monopolar radiofrequency device: a useful and non-invasive method.
S.R. Mercuri, M.R. Di Nicola, C. Cantisani, M. Buratto, G. Paolino
13. Therapy of common acquired melanocytic nevi by shaving followed by touch with diathermy.
K.E. Sharquie and R. I. Jabbar
21. Today’s vision on environment, health and skin care.
P. Morganti, G. Morganti and H.D. Chen
37. Platelet-rich plasma for male androgenetic alopecia: results from an open randomized
finasteride-controlled study.

J.F. Carvalho, D.F. Santos, S.S.V. Rocha, M.M. Costa, Y. Shoenfeld, B.M.Z. Abdalla, P.R. Criado
45. Case report and short review: Botulinum toxin injection for the treatment of Notalgia

Dr J. Sharad
52. Does an ideal filler exist?
M. Fida, S. Hoxha₁, R. Mala, L. Pupo, O. Janushaj

Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 38 iss. 2 (Jul-Dec 2020)

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