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Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 39 iss. 1 (Jan-Jun 2021)




2. The synergy between vacuum and electromagnetic fields in the treatment of striae distensae: retrospective study on 917 patients with clinical and histological case records.
P.A. Bacci, G. Alberti, D. Amuso, A. Artigiani, V. Benitez Roig, V. Di Nardo, V. Garcia-Gimenez, D. Greco, S. Laura, M. Pagano, A. Reale, I. Sarracco, S. Saracoglu, C. Urbani, E. Venditti, M. Wade and R. Zunica

14. Successful treatment of venous lake of the lip with a 577‐nm pro‐yellow laser: a novel

S.A. Temiz, A. Ataseven and R. Dursun

17. A novel treatment of Striae distensae with pneumatic injection of hyaluronic acid.
A. Gupta and G. Kroumpouzos

25. Clinical monitoring of safety and efficacy of organic cotton medical device for light
incontinence to prevent skin irritation.

S. Leone, C. Angelinetta, G. Rizzi, R. Vicini, O. Pastoris and M.B. Carones

46. Low-Level Laser Therapy in fat reduction: what evidence do we have?
J. Scala, M. Tirant, N. Van Thuong, T. Lotti

54. Mucoid pseudocysts – clinical presentations, classification, and treatment.
U. Wollina
60. Various skin reactions to tattoos – review literature.
J. Olszewska, A. Charuta, P. Leszczyński, I. Sierakowska and J. Bay
69. Patient satisfaction in the use of a topic system based on mix acids (peeling) and moisturizing and anti-ageing substances in combination with drink supplement intake. Running head: Customer satisfaction: topic system and drink supplements.
M.C. Campana, A. Tuccia, S. Hoxha, R. Sadoughifar, K.M. Lomonosov

Journal of Applied Cosmetology, Vol. 39 iss. 1 (Jan-Jun 2021)

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